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Some of Our Top Texas Construction Drone Pilots

Below are some of our top pilots and portfolios.

thermal drone inspectors since 2007. Flying Solar Farms, Wind turbines, electric substations, gas plants, pipelines, right of ways, roofs. Certified thermal aerial inspectors; thermographer III; ICC,

Thermal Cam USA

Midland, TX - Will travel up to 350 miles
Insurance Coverage: $10.0 Million
License: #4174948
Avg. Rate: $125/hr.
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Experienced background and a love for flying makes Drone Photography a perfect choice. An accident left me paraplegic in 2016 so a drone allows me to put my camera in many more places!

Lowlycrow Aerial and Business Photography

TX - Will travel up to 250 miles from Liberty Hill, TX
Insurance Coverage: $1.0 Million
License: #4744408
Avg. Rate: $60/hr.
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Thermal Flare Stack Inspection via Drone

Thermal Cam USA Thermal Cam USA
Midland, TX - Will travel up to 350 miles
Insurance Coverage: Not specified
License: Not specified
Avg. Rate: $125/hr.

Promo video created for Hawk Painting in Abilene, TX

Osprey Avionics Osprey Avionics
Abilene, TX - Will travel up to 150 miles
Insurance Coverage: Not specified
License: Not specified
Avg. Rate: $150/hr.

Clients Our Pilots

  • Great communication. Great deliverables. A pleasure to work with. A+++
  • Wonderful experience, excellent communication, and the final product is beyond expectations! Really appreciated the detail as far as location and direction specifics. I'd definitely use them again!
  • Great job all around. The communication was perfect, Andrew at FlightScan 360 was quick to get to the field to take the photos. The photos were exactly what I asked for and were of great quality. I'd hire again.

Don't Mess with Texas Construction Drones

If you're building in Texas, it's not like building anyplace else in the country. We're talking storm-proof, heat-resistant, able to stand up to tornadoes, hail, pounding rain, and high winds. That's why we recommend partnering up with Texas construction drones.

Even before your project begins, our pilots can get your eyes in the sky with aerial construction surveying. We'll show you the lay of the land as well as the ground details that can make or break you down the road.

Then when things get underway, drone construction monitoring helps you keep an eye on progress. You can use our pilots to check in on the job at certain goal points, or every single day. It's completely up to you.

By monitoring your job site with overhead drones, you'll be able to view every aspect of the structure and surrounding areas, monitor water flow during heavy rains, perform regular construction inspections from pillar to post, and even up on the roof to make sure everything is done properly. With UAV construction monitoring you'll be the first to see heating and cooling problems so you can keep HVAC issues in check.

We provide drone construction photos and videos that are perfect for presentations at status meetings, to help you keep your project on track and under budget.

We offer licensed construction drone pilots who have their FAA 333 exemption. They know how to comply fully with Texas standards and work with all levels of authority.

So whether you're building a development in Dallas, a highway in Houston, or a sports bar in San Antonio, post your job with us. Our pilots know the ropes and they're happy to help.

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